SP Sarpong ‘Jabs’ Ignorant Naa Mercy

SP Kofi Sarpong

Gospel musician, S.P Kofi Sarpong last Sunday was reprimanded severely by contemporary female gospel singer, Naa Mercy when he performed Kofi Kinaata’s ‘Susuka’ song at Francis Amo’s Garment of Worship. Naa Mercy who mounted stage after the reigning artiste of the year’s performance rebuked him for performing the song. According to her, the song is unholy and needs not to be entertained in the midst of Christians but Kwasi Ernest; Kofi Sarpong’s manager thinks otherwise.

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Kwasi Ernest, in an interview with Amanda Jissih on Hitz FM has asked the female singer to travel outside the country and learn what happens in other parts of the world. He said some Christians outside Ghana fellowship at night clubs so he finds it worrying to hear her complain about his artiste performing an inspirational song. He described Naa Mercy as an unprofessional artiste.

“It is very unfortunate for our sister Naa to go that level. It is very unprofessional for an artiste to go on stage and tell the audience that this is a Holy Temple and so we should be careful of songs that we sing in the Lord’s temple.

Maybe she doesn’t know, she should go to Canada and other parts of Europe and see what happens there. There are churches that worship in discos. When the nightclubs close, they also go and arrange their chairs and worship there.

Even in Accra here, she should go to East Legon and see the number of hotels that have pastors and their members worshiping there on Sundays. Even beer bar clubs have been turned into worship centers.” Ernest told Amanda Jissih.

He added that SP. Kofi Sarpong will continue to perform such songs when the need be. He then invited Naa Mercy to a show coming off this Saturday at the Accra International Conference to come witness Kofi Sarpong sing Nero X’s “Osey” song.

“If she thinks Kofi performed Susuka and she has a problem, then this week, she should meet us at Conference Center because Kofi Sarpong is going to perform Nero X’s “Osey”.”

Kwasi Ernest later asked Naa Mercy to “write a letter to Pontius Pilate to come and crucify us because that is the best thing she can do”

“Who are you to judge whether somebody is holier or not? Do you know what you do in your house? For me, its very much unfortunate that she did that.”

When asked if he knows Naa Mercy, Ernest answered negatively but quickly added that inquired about her after she criticized his artiste’s performance.

“Particularly in the genre of my career, I’ve never heard of that name. I’ve not even seen her anywhere perform till this Kofi Sarpong issue but I’m told she is one of the those artiste who belongs to the contemporary performers.

You should know those of them their stand, they believe they have been able to secure four bedroom in heaven already so the place is full for some of us.”

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