REVIEW: Season 2 episode 7 of What’s Up Web Series

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It is really getting exciting per every weekly episode as the drama in what’s up series never cease to stop any time soon.

This episode opens on Pimp trying to run his mouth on ‘Bombobo'(a.k.a area commander) girl. He(Pimp) was caught in the act and was giving some severe punishment for approaching him(Bombobo’s) woman.

Then fast forward the three boys(Joey, A.j. and Fiifi) who were impatiently waiting to see the kind of girls A.J had to offer on their date that made them borrow ‘shadda’ and even search money for their special date which from the on set was looking like the girls will disappoint but due to the persistent pressure from A.J’s friends (Joey & Fiifi) A.J as a sharp guy was able to set another set of girls to cover up for the shame that be fell him.

With the girls in sight, A.J ushered them in and introduced them to his friends after which they popped some champagne and drank with joy in the heart of the boys for making the link up work as plan.

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