Movie Lovers Lauds Peter Sedufia For Impeccable Movie ‘SideChic Gang’

SideChic Gang
SideChic Gang


It was the official premiere of the much-awaited movie christened ‘SideChic Gang’ at the West Hills mall as many movie lovers laud director of the Peter Sedufia for his impeccable movie.

Movie lovers on the night described the movie as one of the best as many patrons told after watching the movie.

The auditorium at the Silverbird Cinemas at West Hills mall saw many rib-cracked as main characters [NanaAma McBrown, Sika Osei, and Lydia Forson] made patrons yearned to watch more.

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What we [] observed on the night was after the premier patrons shouted ‘OOOOOO’, which shows how they had much love for the movie.

In an interview with Frank Osei with his girlfriend, “we watched the movie we’ve learned a lot of lessons from it and we don’t mind buying another ticket to watch it again because the movie is one of a kind”.

According to others, the movie has something in it that has a lot of twist in it. “I love the director were of approach to the movie were in the movie after the three ladies in the green car namely [ Baaba, Pokua, and Fella] played a very good job as Sidechic Gang and later rebrand the company to Volunteers of Love”. To me, this is genius and kudos to the director” averred a movie fan.

Another movie love who gave his name as Aaron commended the director gave his overview of the movie as splendid as he describes the soundtrack by Worlasi as one of the best.

He added that Keteke witnessed Worlasi soundtrack, which I love it and the soundtrack for Side Chic Gang which I’ve titled it ‘E dey Pain’ i wish its on my phone.

Kudos to Peter Sedufia and his team for a great job done and more laurels this year and beyond.

SideChic Gang
SideChic Gang


“Three female friends find out they can make fortunes from exposing cheating husbands and boyfriends after making tons of cash unexpectedly from reporting a cheating husband to the wife. They quit their ushering job to set up “Sidechic Gang” – an agency solely dedicated to clamping down the side chick menace.

Their services are available to only women. After few exposè, their Sidechic Gang becomes popular, attracting traffic from victims of side chicks. This translates into more cash for them. The men in the town are unhappy with the sudden popularity of the gang.

The Sidechic Gang’s biggest deal is yet to hit them. It comes from a filthy rich man who suspects his fiancée is cheating on him.

He is aware the gang does not serve men, but, he is willing to pay anything it costs to justify his suspicion. The gang takes on the task. They know what this means for their bank account. Their greatest opposition, however, is the many aggrieved men who benefit from the services of side chicks and would do anything to ensure they fail. Will the Sidechic Gang succeed in their quest or, the aggrieved men will?” Join us; don’t miss the fun! Call: 0202341409 for enquiries.

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