Know The Achievement of Politicians For Voting For Them – Mr Abbeam Danso

Mr Abbeam Danso

Chancellor of Abbeam Institute of Technology, Mr Abbeam Ampomah Danso has urged Ghanaians to vote for presidential candidates and parliamentary aspirants in the upcoming elections based on works and not promise.

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He stated that its high time Ghanaians saw politicians as employees whiles they are their employers, therefore just as employers review the CVs of employees before employing them, Ghanaians should also review works of politicians before they vote them into power.

In a meeting with the press at Abbeam Institute of Technology, Abbeam Ampomah Danso called all Ghanaians’ to be vigilant and make right choices at this year’s election.

He then again stated that voters should shun partisan politics and pay attentions to issues there are in the country to help them make a meaningful decision as to who they vote into power

He also advised Ghanaian to maintain the peace they are currently enjoying and not allow to be lured by power hungry politicians into disputes which will mar peace and stability in the country.

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