EDITORIAL: Davido: The Return Of The King


Months back i wrote an article lambasting the Sony Records act Davido of disastrously leaving the scene for competitors to take his African throne. The singer on his part made fans realize the fault was not all his but rather his materials were being withheld by his new management Sony …

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Ofori Amponsah Continues To Look Classic In These Photos

Ofori Amponsah

  Former Artistes of the year Ofori Amponsah is back with another classic look for this year’s Easter festivity. Check out : TeshieBoi – Jorley (Prod. by Kay Nie) Although, he has more photoshoots, music videos and other unimaginable project. The king of highlife music is back for good with a …

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Music Review: On Nsenku’s Sensational “Emmanuel”

Some songs make you dance irresistibly. Others get you only nodding and humming. There are those that take you a step away from divinity. So there’s something unique about every song and comes in view at every listen. Confirmed: Agya Koo’s Secret Recording Was Edited, Here’s Why You are likely …

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OF MODEL ALBUMS: Nowhere Cool (A Review)

Nowhere cool sister, ain’t nowhere cool. Therefore let me hide here among the thorns while I dine on wild desert green. And if they should ask you of me, tell them the name of the game was life, and I never learnt the rules –Prof. Ama Ata Aidoo. Throughout the …

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Music Review of Flowking’s Igwe

I have keenly monitored the progress of Igwe since Flowking Stone released it on June 24, 2016. I have carefully taken interest in the response of listeners and what they think about the song. The observation has been similar to how the rapper was trolled for his ‘on the rise …

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Review of OKyeame Kwame’s ‘Hallelujah’

OK, imagine something unusual. Imagine the product of a fusion of the young and old. Imagine something that is both godly and ungodly. Imagine a cocktail of all the ingredients that make up a thrilling song. Imagine a song that is both commercially viable and inspiring. Think of a song …

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Payola: The Bane Of Our Music Industry

When God created man, he gave him the conscience to differentiate right from wrong and also the free will to choose but knowing the sinful nature of man, laws were made by the same men to control their behaviour. Click Here For More Editorial Payola as we all know is …

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How Old Is Deborah Vanessa?

Age they say is nothing but a number but sometimes it becomes difficult to just see it as number under some given circumstances. There’s indeed nothing wrong with dating someone older than you but in our part of the world, it becomes somewhat weird to see an older woman dating …

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Ghana Needs A New Auditorium

The Ghanaian entertainment industry can only boast of two standard venues for concerts, even with that, it’s only one that was purposefully meant for entertainment and the other was designed for conferences. Click Here For More Editorial    The National theater of Ghana and the Accra International Conference Center have …

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