Dawsey; The Only Afrobeat Artiste In Ghana With Multi Talent


He is from a family of four boys, where he is the second born amongst them. He is from a Christian background and he believes in God and the Bible.


Dawsey has a debut single making waves in the market and can be downloaded from any free music downloadable website titled ‘Shine’. He then decided to follow it up with his forthcoming E.P which he hopes to help him get the shine and recognition required to get to that level of an A- list artiste. Basically his chosen name for the E.P is ‘Summer Waves’ not because of the season but then he is trying to be metaphoric about the name. In other words he is trying to compare the tracks on his yet to be released E.P to that of the Wave in the the summer. There are 7 tracks on the E.P with three tracks which he featured some of his fans favorite artiste on and there is also one bonus track to conclude the playlist.

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Dawsey’s expectations from his fans out there is one to write home about. He believes people will be blown away by his creativity and craftsmanship on this masterpiece he has put together and finally concluded that, Ghanaians should support in making the dreams of up and coming artiste a reality by buying their product and also share it till it reaches their enemy.

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